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Philips SHH4520 in-ear air cushion headphones without mic - extended ear caps for deep bass

  • Rs. 399.00
  • Save Rs. 900

Comfort cushions

Earbuds for your Nokia XpressMusic

  • Durable Flexi-Grip makes a strong flexible connection

    A soft, flexible part protects the cable connection from damage that otherwise would occur due to repeated bending.

  • Cushioned earcaps

    Soft silicion ear caps cushioned gently in your ears for long lasting comfort. So natural you'll forget you are wearing this headset.

  • Big bass from a small space

    Tuned speakers with air vents deliver balanced sound with a strong bass.

  • Twin vents balance the high sounds and bass tones

    Specially designed vents that channel the air balance the high tones and bass for a more rounded listening experience.

  • In-line control that simplifies volume adjustment

    Adjust the volume to your preferred level without having to go to the audio source unit.

  • 24k gold-plated plug ensures an ultra reliable connection

    Rest assured that the precious metal gold finishing on the plug will give you a more reliable connection for better quality audio.

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