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4GB and 8GB Kingston HyperX Fury DDR3 1866 MHZ PC3 14900 Desktop PC RAM

  • Rs. 2,499.00

Kingston Means Quality and Reliability - Dont buy other brands
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The perfect storage solution for all gaming enthusiasts is just around the corner, waiting to be picked up! A RAM from Kingston named Kingston Desktop DDR 3 is all set to rock the gaming world with a host of unimaginable and multi-tasking benefits which will be bestowed to its proud owners. Aptly named Fury, this RAM has all that is needed to perform under stringent conditions without requiring any adjustments to the BIOS. Typically identified as an invaluable asset to manage voluminous workloads and graphics, its 3 D rendering abilities coupled with a clear pixel resolution are a boon to users keen on Computer Graphics and games. Coupled with these characteristics, it is important to quote that this Kingston Desktop DDR 3is an excellent device facilitating video editing. Without wasting even a minute in deciding, users can now source this awesome product from Snapdeal, which not makes it affordable, but also because of a 5-year warranty that it is protected with.

  Memory Type

This is a DDR 3 for desktops, with its memory capacity of  4 GB, which makes it ideal to hold large amounts of data.

RAM Size & Speed

The Kingston desktop DDR 3 is an unbuffered DDR 3. This Kingston Desktop DDR3 RAM, which has an innate ability to recognize its host platform automatically, enables its clock to run faster thus, reaching its highest frequency of 1886 MHz.


This is a DDR 3 for Intel and AMD platforms, compatible with desktops. Additionally, this is a RAM which has been successfully tested to function with all popular brands of motherboards. This is one feature that speaks volumes of its versatility in addition to its reliability.

Additional Features

Amongst the host of advantages, this RAM performs to its optimum in dual channel mode.

Kingston Means High Quality. Don’t buy other cheap brands. With High Quality comes longer warranty, other brands cannot provide.

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Warranty covered by Manufacturer. Check for service center near to your place for after sales service.

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